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There is a wide range of gastro offer that Ogulin can offer: honey and processed products, pine brandy, apple cider vinegar, etc. Just imagine what homemade corn smells like when ground in a mill among stone mill wheels – and baked just from such flour, polenta supplemented with fresh cow or goat’s milk or acid, and perhaps boiled cold Ogulin sauerkraut.

The most famous are Ogulin bruise and scrotum, meaningful bread and hooks, Ogulin sauerkraut and beets. Ogulin masnica is a leavened dough stuffed with stewed onions, eggs and shellfish.

Meaningful homemade bread is the delicious and fragrant bread of our grandmothers, baked from five types of flour: wheat, millet, corn, barley and rye. Ogulin sauerkraut is widely known – it is an indigenous variety that is especially good for pickling, with a specific taste.


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